Our growers produce the finest quality apples, and Lenswood Apples provides only the best services to care for this fruit post-harvest.

The way we store, pack and market apples on behalf of our growers creates strong competitive advantages in the marketplace, every day of the year.

We focus our knowledge and experience on selecting specific varieties and growing each one of those to perfection.

We understand the appeal of apples and the need to create excitement in our industry. At Lenswood, we see a future with healthy, great-tasting apples adding interest to everything that consumers already love in the apple product category.

Trial blocks at Lenswood are dedicated to ongoing research and testing and we collaborate with national and international partners on the most promising new varieties for our future orchards.


The controlled atmosphere storage facilities at Lenswood Apples operate to the highest industry standards.

Our team uses the very latest recording equipment to monitor storage temperature and conditions 24 hours a day.

Our business was founded on apple storage and the experience we have ensures Lenswood apples are always delivered in the finest condition.


We invest significantly in fruit packing technology as part of our commitment to continually upgrade facilities.

The Lenswood packing shed has been custom-designed by our expert team, using the best equipment available in Australia and the world, keeping us at the forefront of adapting new technology to maintain a high quality of service and meet demands in an ever-changing marketplace.


We sell fruit on behalf of our passionate and dedicated growers. Together we harvest the best quality apples and distribute them to market in the finest possible condition.

As longstanding experts in producing quality fruit, we have our customers in mind from the very start.

Generations of innovation in quality and service have created a strong, vertically integrated business that focuses on delivering the finest apples in the world.

This customer-driven focus has earned Lenswood strong, ongoing partnerships with leading Australian retailers. Lenswood’s consistently high performance in servicing such exacting customers is bringing us quickly to our goal of becoming Australia’s largest apple exporter.