Lenswood Apples is a major Australian food producer committed to business & industry growth.

We develop new export markets and strategic alliances with international partners to keep our business growing.

We bring the world’s best apple varieties to Lenswood in strategic alliances with international producers that constantly build our industry expertise.

Currently, in South Australia we are responsible for 50 per cent of the state’s apple crop on 1,500 hectares of prime agricultural land. This volume is approximately 10 per cent of Australia’s annual production.

As a proud South Australian company, we are supporting communities and creating employment for thousands of Australians who have come to rely on Lenswood Apples.


Our purpose is to lead our industry by supporting our grower base and their connections to the land and community.

Our aspiration is to be unrelenting in providing the highest quality and innovative products to our customers and their consumers throughout Australia and internationally.


To ensure our group of growers have the knowledge and access to modern technologies to supply the varieties that the market demands

To maintain and facilitate our growers’ long term viability and assist in succession planning

To engage with the local community to safeguard the sustainability of our environment

To investigate new and innovative product lines, packaging and opportunities with our customers and market trends to continuously increase our brand awareness

To promote a continuous improvement culture in the Company where every person feels their contribution “makes a difference”

To align and organize our business to enable the strategy