Created by naturally blending two classic apple varieties, the unique Rockit™ apple is a perfectly mature miniature apple that’s always deliciously sweet, juicy and crisp.

Now grown in nine countries around the world, Lenswood is Australia’s sole official licensee for Rockit™ Apple, with growers in South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales.

Straight from the orchard into convenient packaging, Rockit™ apples are the easy, natural option for busy lives. These wonderful little apples are loved on-the-go, in lunchboxes, at your desk, at sport – anytime, anywhere.

Next time you’re hungry, reach for a Rockit™ apple – bursting with flavour and the vitamins, minerals and fibre for good health and wellbeing.

It’s so easy to enjoy a little goodness everyday.

Natural nutrition

Good things come in small packages and a Rockit™ apple is just that. It’s the miniature treat that packs a big nutritional punch.

It’s no secret that apples contribute to good health, with powerful antioxidants and polyphenols that studies show may reduce the risk of some cancers, cardiovascular disease, asthma and diabetes.

In a balanced diet, Rockit™ Apples are:
• A source of fibre
• Naturally low in fat
• Contain no saturated fat
• Naturally low in sodium
• A source of vitamin C

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  • Average Quantity per 100g

    • Energy – 279KJ (67Cal)
    • Protein – 0.3g
    • Fat, Total – 0.0g
    • Fat, Total Saturated – 0.0g
    • Carbohydrate – 15.0g
    • Sugars – 13.5g
    • Dietary Fibre – 2.2g
    • Sodium – 2mg
    • Vitamin C – 4.6g

*Recommended dietary intake