Am I able to purchase fruit directly from you?

We are a wholesale operation, so we are not set up to supply individuals. If you are wanting to purchase large qualities of apples we may be able to assist with your request please contact the office for more information.

Where can I purchase Lenswood Apples?

Our national retail partners are Woolworths, Coles and many Independent retailers across Australia.

Why are there stickers on my fruit?

These stickers help shoppers and grocery store personal to identify apple varieties and help stores keep track of inventory.

My Apples seem to have a wax finish, why is this?

Apples have a natural, protective layer of wax by nature. After they are picked, the apples are brought to our packing house to be packed into boxes and sold to retailers. During the packing process, the apples are washed, removing this naturally occurring layer of wax. In order to protect the fruit before it goes to the store, we apply a food grade wax that is completely safe for eating. Wax coatings help to retain moisture and maintain that crispy crunch of your favorite apple.

More information regarding apple wax can be found here.

What stores sell organic apples?

Lenswood Coop supplies Organic apples to Woolworths, Coles, and other independent retailers.

Do we offer packing shed Tours?

Unfortunately the Cooperative is not set up to offer individual tours of the packing shed facility. If you are looking for a group tour please email your request. Please bear with us and allow a minimum of 10 working days for an initial response to your enquiry.

Please note tours will not be available during harvest and peak packing periods.

Do you sell Apple crates/bins?

The wooden apple crates/bins are owned by the growers, and not by Lenswood Cold Stores. If you are interested in purchasing them we would suggest contact them directly, there are a number of growers in the Lenswood & Adelaide Hills region.

Storage of other items other than Apples?

Lenswood Coop offers storage to our members in the first instance, and if we haven’t reached capacity there may be opportunity to assist with storing other products. Please contact us to discuss your request.