Quality Assurance

Lenswood Apples is committed to quality in its worldwide delivery of a naturally healthy product. It starts with our growers and is evident in every stage of delivering the finest apples to our customers.

We have implemented best practice in all areas of operation to ensure our ongoing ability to improve efficiencies, maximise our harvest and secure our long-term economic viability.

A sustainable future in apples relies on continually improving quality and taste so we can support our environment, our growers and our community for generations to come.

Quality and Global Certifications:

  • Tesco Produce Packhouse Standards
  • Sedex (Social Ethical Data Exchange)



Environmental Standards

At Lenswood Apples, we have always been good custodians of the land.
Our growers give their orchards to the next generation in even better condition than they find them because they have long been committed to the future.

Today, sophisticated analysis is the key to growing quality apples in a sustainable environment. We use the very latest technologies to better identify successes and weaknesses in our orchards and improve our environmental performance.
The newest tools are IT innovations to store and process live data on all orchard activity. This advanced software provides growers with the most precise detail on their orchard practices and efficiencies.

As we continue to evolve our business, we are introducing a range of advanced equipment to measure performance in specific areas of our resource management.

We boast one of the largest groups of young growers in Australia, and they are emerging now as industry leaders in this fast moving, high-tech path to sustainability.